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We are specialized in the following ecotechnologies:

  • constructed wetlands
  • reed bed sludge treatment
  • stormwater treatment wetlands
  • green wetland roofs
  • floating islands
  • natural swimming pools
  • wetland restoration


Ecotechnologies China

Blumberg Engineers represent a consortium of German-Chinese companies for ecotechnology applications for water, wastewater and sewage sludge treatment by constructed wetlands.

  • Constructed wetlands for domestic and industrial wastewater treatment
    Constructed wetlands comprise artificially engineered wetland ecosystems for wastewater and sludge treatment. They utilise particular combinations of aquatic plants, soils and bacteria (in lined basins) to optimise the physical, chemical and microbiological processes naturally present within the root zone of the marsh plants.
  • Reed bed sewage sludge treatment
    Reed bed sewage sludge treatment is a natural sludge processing method for gravity dewatering, mineralization of organics and evapotranspiration induced by reed plants (Phragmites australis).  
    This ecotechnology works without chemical additives like polymers for conditioning and results in sludge humus which can be recycled for agricultural reuse.
  • Stormwater treatment wetlands
    Stormwater treatment wetlands (retention soil filters) are used for the purification of polluted rainwater of combined sewerage systems (stormwater overflows) and of paved areas like streets.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
    Treatment of tapioca processing industrial wastewater in Southern Vietnam.
  • Wetland roofs
    A wetland roof is a special type of extensive green roof. A roof is evenly planted with wetland or marsh plants which will be regularly irrigated on a daily basis. Besides the aesthetic aspect, this particular type of roof may also offer significant functional advantages.
  • Natural swimming pools
    Natural swimming pools have aesthetic appearance with planted soil filters for water regeneration and need no chlorine treatment.
  • Floating islands
    Floating islands are artificially produced buoyant marsh plant carriers for water cleaning purposes and provide breeding habitats for fishes and birds.  
  • Landfill leachate treatment by constructed wetlands
    The leachate from solid-waste landfills contains toxic organic compounds, nutrients, organic carbon and heavy metals. Constructed wetlands have been operating successfully in treating these effluents in different parts of the world.
  • Activated sludge process 
    Wastewater is aerated and metabolized by suspended microorganisms. The new microbial cells formed are removed in a final settling tank from the liquid as excess sludge. We often use constructed wetlands behind conventional wastewater plants for tertiary treatment and sewage sludge dewatering and mineralization of organic matter.
  • Wetland garden
    Our innovative wetland garden concept comprises a demonstration center for sustainable ecotechnologies combined with features of a recreation park for the public.
    We are looking for clients, who would like to realize this green ecological center.


For basic information in different languages about ecological engineering please have a look at our main homepages:


Further partners in China or German institutions working in China and cooperating with Blumberg engineers are listed below:

Prof. Zifu Li Civil and Environment Engineering Institute,
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Prof. Yongli Cai College of Resources and Environmental Sciences,
East China Normal Univercity, Shanghai
Prof. Chunhong Yang Key Laboratory of Photosynthesis & Environmental Molecular Physiology Institute of Botany, CAS, Beijing
Prof. Hongbo Liu Municipal Water Resource Development and Utilization (South) National Engineering Research Center
Shanghai Municipal Water Resource Development and    Utilization National Engineering Center Co., LTD, Shanghai

Blumberg Engineers is an international consultancy firm providing services like: 

site analysis and feasibility studies
planning and design
tendering and construction supervision
training of operators
supervision of operation

Blumberg Engineers in Germany:

Blumberg Engineers
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www.blumberg-engineers.com »

Since 2003 we realize constructed wetlands with our Chinese partner companies:

Liaoning Best Enterprise

China Huaxi Engineering
P.R. China

www.lnbsd.cn »

Suzhou DeHua Eco Tech Ltd.

Room 401 - 402
No. 110 JiuHua Road
Suzhou Industrial Park 215027
P.R. China

www.dehua-eco.com »

German partner for Chinese projects:

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